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Caroline Peyton Releases CD Featuring Brookhaven Photography

Caroline Peyton - Peytunes - Homeseeker's Paradise

Caroline Peyton, a singer and songwriter, recently released a personal album entitled “Homeseeker’s Paradise”. The CD features songs reminding her of childhood roots in Brookhaven, Mississippi as well as Charleston, West Virginia. “This is my first true solo record. I’ve been recording my own songs since the 1970s, and you’ll find examples of my earlier …Read Article

The Loss Of A Grandmother

I write this in sympathy, but also in joy for God above. My grandmother recently passed away from complications due to a massive stroke. The night of her stroke,  she became paralyzed on the entire left side of her body. Though she couldn’t feel anything, she was still able to respond to a few motor …Read Article

Easter Sunday: The Resurrection And The Life


The holiday that many look forward to comes only once a year on the Roman calendar. Formally, it’s called Easter. It’s often celebrated with a huge bunny that hides eggs and brings candy to little kids. Like most kids, I grew up waiting for the Easter Bunny to visit during the night, only to be …Read Article

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