Celebrating A Victorian Christmas In The Town Square Of Canton, Mississippi — the “City of Lights”

During the week of Christmas 2010, I made a trip to Canton, Mississippi to view the town square; It’s roughly 10 to 15 miles north of Jackson and the home of the Nissan Motor Company plant. Canton is an interesting town with a lot of history. The courthouse sits in the center of the town square with historic buildings surrounding the lawn. At Christmas, though, Canton becomes a different world with its magnificent display of Christmas Lights all over the town square.

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Promoted by the Canton Convention and Visitors Bureau, one can take horse carriage, carousel, and mock fire engine rides around the square. The tune of Christmas music is played throughout the square by installed speakers on light poles.

The central point is the courthouse, illuminated by already-installed fluorescent lights and only magnified by a few Christmas lights and wreath decor. A gigantic Christmas Tree is erected and plays music every 10 minutes or so. I actually did not know this until I was startled by the loud theme of Charlie Brown while standing beside the tree taking photos. Then, there’s the gazebo. White Christmas lights and red bows glow in the corner of the square, where many kids and families make their presence known by snapping a few shots with their compact cameras.

The “City of Lights” as it is called. The branding of such name is exemplified by millions of miniature lights and decor which includes a number of Victorian-style homes in the area. Even the historic train depot was decorated for visitor delight. Animated museums displays ranged from location to location with picturesque scenes of Christmas tradition of years bygone.

Interesting enough, though, the twilight hours are busy with rush hour traffic. Motorists driving home and visitors coming to the town square. At around 11pm, the square’s mood softens as visitors make their way to cars for the journey home. Canton becomes, once again, the little town in Central Mississippi.

Here are some shots from my experience at Canton this year. Actually, I went a couple of weeks before, but I returned since it wasn’t going to be 25 degrees like the last time. Have you ever been to Canton to see the lights at Christmas? What was your experience? I hope you enjoy the photos.